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Name:   Marvin George  
Description:   ~ 1 year old ~ fostered in Westminster, MD ~

Marvin is one of the timid ones, haunted by something in his past (possible abuse, most likely neglect or indifference) that causes him to be scared of loud noises or sudden movement. His foster mom hat this to say:

"He still gets scared with loud noises but he's slowly getting better with that. He is very sweet and gives kisses. He's just started getting in bed with us at night and on the couch when we are hanging out in the basement. He loves being with our two dogs (75 pound male pittie and a 43 pound female mutt) seems to lessen his separation anxiety, as well as playing with our two cats (they actually tend to beat him up). He's housebroken but when he gets scared he sometimes squirts/dribbles pee. I think that will continue to improve with time and as he settles in. He has started going out in our backyard without a leash and is fairly good on walks (again, sometimes noises or loud dogs spook him). We took him camping over Memorial day weekend, which seemed to help him get more use to these things.

At first he was also skittish about eating, but now he inhales his food like a typical beagle. He's not vocal-we have yet to hear him bark.

We don't have kids but I can't imagine him being aggressive toward them. They would just have to be patient and not run to him until he understands they aren't going to hurt him."

For now, we're going to let Marvin relax a bit more. He'll be available for adoption in a few weeks.
posted 04/27/18 and updated 06/10/18