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Name:   Jake Davies  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs ~ 27 lb ~ Fostered in Baltimore, MD ~ Jake likes kids. Little kids. Big kids. Teenage boys.

Jake is very healthy. Very sweet. With Charlie, our other foster, he's a Gotcher Back! kinda guy. They are very funny together.

It was clear that Jake had never lived with another male dog before he got here. At first, when I would take Jake and my own dog, Scout for a walk, (Scout goes on all walks as per his and my agreement) everytime Scout lifted his leg, Jake would stick his face in it, to smell what was being marked. I'd have to use my bare hand to wipe the urine off his face and out of his eyes. Took him a good week to figure out not to do that.

Jake was interested in our two cats when he first got here. They became ho-hum pretty quickly. Charlie chases the cats. Corners them under the bed. Jake chases along behind him because he's got Charlie's back, and Jake participates in the barking and the whole chase but he doesn't initiate it.

How should I put this?.....Jake needs a walk in order to be able to poop. Not a long walk, but around the block, for instance. Otherwise, in the late evening or middle of the night, he'll go in front of the back door. He doesn't know how to tell us he has to go out. Maybe his new owner can figure out how to explain it to him. He's pretty smart.

Jake has been treated for heartworm disease and is now heartworm free.

Frankly, I love this dog.

Posted 04/03/18 and updated 07/26/18