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Name:   Bayla Davies (now Lulu)  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs ~ 18 lb ~ NEEDS A FOSTER HOME ~Bayla was going to be adopted. Her family has had her throughout her heartworm treatment. But circumstances have changed and her foster dad had to change jobs and this job requires a lot of travel. Sadly, she has go to a different family. Her dad doesn't want her to spend so much time boarding. She deserves better.

Bayla is an affectionate and energetic little girl. She's so sweet. She gets along with people and other dogs. She loves to snuggle on the couch with her dad. She does well in a crate when he's at work. She likes edible bones and bully sticks, but is not a fan of nyla bones or rawhide. If she's walked regularly, she doesn't have accidents in the house. She gets three 30 minute walks a day. Her current dad lives in an apt. Things might be different with a fenced-in yard. Have I mentioned she's adorable and a little bundle of energy?

posted 04/03/18 and updated 11/13/18