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Name:   Reese Warren  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 32 lbs ~ Fostered in Woodbine, MD ~

Reese is a lovable clown who wants a person of his very own. Reese is about 5, we think – he was a thrown away hunting dog and from what we can tell didn’t have a very easy life before he came to BRSM. He is living the good life now – long daily walks and lounging on sofas and beds are his favorite activities. Reese is a diamond in the rough. He gets VERY excited when he sees people and tends to jump up and try to “kiss” – rather roughly, and sometimes with a nose to the eye. We are working on a calmer greeting style. Reese is also still working on housetraining. He is doing better, but needs reinforcement until it becomes habit. He can be vocal, so apartment or townhouse living is not in the cards for Reese. Now on to the good stuff….

Reese is the most loving dog his foster mom has ever had. He will simply gaze at his people and adores attention. He is happiest when his people are in the house and will relax wherever they are. He is also a world-class snuggler – does not crowd or steal covers, but just wants to be near enough to touch his person. He gets along with the other beagles in his home but prefers human company. He’s a little suspicious of dogs he doesn’t know, so dog parks are not going to be his thing. He does love long walks where he can sniff (and sometimes bark) to his heart’s content. The person who is willing to put a little work in to Reese will be rewarded with a loyal, entertaining, and adorable companion.

Here's a link to a video of Reese and one of his favorite squeaky toys. click to see the video

Posted: 3/25/18 and updated 04/16/18