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Name:   Reese Warren  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 32 lbs ~ Fostered in Woodbine, MD ~

Reese is the perfect fit for the hound dog aficionado! He loves to bay when he's out walking, loves to explore, and of course to sleep and eat. Even better though Reese has a hound's heart of gold. He loves being with his person and his canine siblings. He is a lover, not a fighter - unless you are a cat. Reese can not be placed with a cat because that beagle hunting instinct kicks in when he sees one and cats don't appreciate it.

Reese will require lots of exercise and really enjoys long walks where there are good things to smell. He likes riding in the car looking out the window as long as you let him sit up front. Reese can figure out how to escape some fenced yards, so a secure and high fence is a must for this boy. He's on the big side for a beagle as in long and rangy...right now he could use to gain a few pounds and his foster mom is working on that.

Reese will be a loyal, loving, entertaining and adorably cute new family member for whoever decides to bring him on permanently.

Here's a link to a video of Reese and one of his favorite squeaky toys. click to see the video

Posted: 3/25/18 and updated 04/16/18