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Name:   Ripley Hughes (aka Bentley)  
Description:   ~ 3 yrs ~ 21 lbs ~ Fostered in Woodbridge, VA

Bentley was very skittish at first. He has come out of his shell very nicely but, can still be a little shy. He will get up on his foster mom’s lap and barks at the neighbors passing by the front window. Bentley was not confident enough to bark or assert himself initially. He is young and loves affection. He will likely bond strongly with his primary care giver & will need a regular routine to help maintain his confidence. Bentley has some cute puppy actions/antics: he will pull your blanket off the couch while your are under it and he leans against the couch to scratch his back. On occasion, he'll yap at you if you are eating and he wants a snack too.
posted 02/15/18 and updated 02/02/19