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Name:   Oliver Beaufort  
Description:   ~ 47 lbs ~ 3 yrs old ~ Possible Pointer mix ~ Needs A Foster Home ~

Oliver has been in a loving home for a year and a half, but a change of family circumstances led him to be returned to us. He's learned quite a lot in his time away. He knows a few commands. Although playful with some dogs, he can be choosy with whom he is friendly, so we're going to suggest that he be placed as an only dog. He's playful, but can be chill as well. He definitely wants to be with his people, laying by their side or following from room to room. Oliver is quite smart and eager to learn. Although he is curious and would gladly take off if the fence were any less than intact and sturdy, he's not particularly creative in trying to circumvent his new boundaries. Still, it would be best that he not be left unattended in the yard for any length of time.

Oliver is on the quiet side. Although he will howl at a passing fire truck (who doesn't?), he doesn't bark much at all, leading us to think he might be a good candidate for an apartment/condo dweller if he were allowed to get enough exercise. Do you need a jogging/walking partner? All in all, Oliver is a very nice boy who has learned his household manners and would like to find a new home sooner rather than later.

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Posted: 6/3/2019