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Name:   Kado Springfield  
Description:   NOW ADOPTED ~ 5 yrs old ~ 30 lbs ~ fostered in Kensington, MD ~

Kado is a beautiful lemon beagle with a terrific personality. He is sweet, smart, loving and active. When he arrived at our home, he was reserved and quiet when he was not displaying the intense pain in his neck due to a ruptured disk. He really only complained when the drugs wore off and he was overwhelmed by the pain. We soon came to the realization that this type of pain cannot be managed with drugs and headed off to see the neurologist. As expected, surgery was offered as the only hope to give Kado the future he deserved. The surgery was performed and Kado bravely endured the pain of a 2.5 hour surgery and recovery. I’m not sure, but I think that he had very little trouble handling the surgical pain after all he had been through the 3 months before. The good news is that this type of injury to the neck can be avoided with a little planning and dogs with ruptured disks have less than a 10% chance at another rupture. Kado is a new man.

He is about 5-6 years old and acts like a kid. He has tons of energy. While he will attempt to play with his old fogey foster siblings, his heart belongs to his humans. He would love to be with us at every moment of every day. He does have some separation anxiety, so apartment living is not really his cup of tea. He is house trained; however, sometimes if he is left in his crate for long periods, he may have an accident. Basically though, he is crate trained, walks well on a leash and sits on command for a treat. He is very food oriented so will be easy to train.

Until you have worked with him though, he does not really understand that not all food is his. We are currently working on “off” as our main command. He does have a bad habit of jumping up to greet you, to see what you’re doing on the counter, to ask for attention, to get inside etc. He has a lot of energy and a good attitude towards life. That being said, he is gentle and loves to share his day with you.

Kado’s perfect home would be with someone who would take the time to walk him a couple of times a day or go to the park with him to burn off some of that energy. He should be protected in gentle ways such as no rough housing with other dogs, steps to get on and off furniture (to prevent the jarring jumps), use of a harness rather than his collar for walks, no up down jumping (hence the importance of the “off” command) and limited steps. These are precautions to prevent future injury, but Kado is so full of life that these precautions can be hard to enforce. I believe that once he settles in with his new human(s) that can give him the time and attention he doesn’t receive in foster care, he will be calmer and less demanding. Right now he is competing for attention with 4 other dogs, some of which have health issues. Kado is a GREAT dog and can fill that hole in your life, but be ready for a guy that can be high energy at times and mellow at others. All he really wants is to be yours and share your life.
posted 09/04/17 and updated 12/18/17