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Name:   Addison Martin  
Description:   ~ 2 yrs old ~ 38 lb ~ Fostered in Glen Burnie, MD ~
Addison is an elegant and beautiful girl. She's incredibly loving and sweet, and she always wants to say hello to everyone and every dog on our walks. Honestly, I have never met a sweeter hound. She is interested in cats, but we're not sure if she likes them or if she has other intentions. She can be vocal if she wants you to play with her, and our neighbors love her curious and lively personality.

Addy is hard of hearing, so you have to use a vibrating collar to get her attention. If she is startled, she is not aggressive - she is always happy to see you and the tail starts thumping immediately. We are teaching her hand signals, and she already knows "sit," "down," and "no."

She has lots of energy and would benefit from a family with kids who will romp with her, pet her, and give her lots of attention. She loves playing in the yard and being outside, but will settle down when belly rubs are provided. She also sleeps through the night in her crate.

Addy enjoys meaty treats and chews, and she likes to play with her stuffed toys. Besides her stunning good looks, she is pure sweetness and love. Addy is a gem of a dog!

Update 08/13/18
Her hearing seems to be returning. She still can't hear all sounds or low sounds, but she seems to be recovering. I'm trying to train her with verbal commands now.

Addy is healthy and happy, and she loves to play and romp. One of her favorite activities is gazing out the windows to see people and other dogs going by. She enjoys belly rubs and gets lots of attention from our friends who come over to visit her all the time. They come to see Addy, not us!
posted 08/10/17 and updated 08/13/18