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Name:   Merle Washington (now Pearl)  
Description:   ~ 44 lbs ~ 9 yrs ~ Fostered in Catonsville, MD ~

The shelter originally said she was 15 yrs old. She's an older girl, but not 15. (This is the same shelter who told us she was a male and she's not.) Pearl was originally part of a cruelty seizure. She had spent the entirety of her life tied up outside - and you can see from the last photo, she is reveling in air conditioning and a soft bed. We're pretty sure she's pleased with this turn of events. Then she was in a forever foster home for almost a year. She was very happy, but her human parents are divorcing and it was just better for her to come back to BRSM. All she wants is a nice yard to explore, a soft bed without a lot of stairs, and a bunch of loving from her humans. She gets along with dogs and cats. She will play for a bit. She loves to run up and down the fence line and bark at the neighbor dogs, when they are barking at us. It's a ritual they all enjoy once or twice a day.
Originally posted 07/29/17 and updated 12/31/18