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Name:   Jack Ace Baldwin  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 30 lb ~ fostered in Ellicott City, MD ~

Jack is a sweet boy! He was tail-waggy happy to be outside and a couple of dogs approached him inside Academy and his tail was going crazy! He was happy to meet the pups. MAS Rescue was in there with a ginormous 10 month old shepherd/mastiff mix who's head came to my waist and Jack loved him!

There is one caution: there was another dog with his owner and Jack wanted to meet that dog so badly, that he twirled himself around and got out of his collar (inside) so he could run over and meet the dog. We got him quickly, but it might be a good idea to harness him when he's picked up. He's fast and he seems to know how to get out of that collar. He tried it when we were outside, too, but we picked him up instead of walking him on the leash, which he also didn't mind!

All that being said, he's a love!
He has a mild heart murmur, 3/6.
posted 3/24/17 and updated 3/26/17