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Name:   Felix Webster  
Description:   ~ ~ 2 yrs old ~ 35 lbs ~ fostered in Baltimore, MD

Here's what Felix's foster mom had to say about him, after about 1 week.
Felix is already potty trained and shows preference for using potty on mulch. I'm going to build him his own mulch square in the backyard. Felix seems equally comfortable being out on the lead to use the potty and being walked the perimeter of the yard.
Felix shows no signs of food aggression and is submissive to the resident beagle, Scout (and Scout isn't much of a dominant dog).
Felix has a crate and is going in the crate when he feels like it. Today is the first time we're trying closing the crate. He seemed pretty good with a short time period and a bone. I came to work at 10 am and left Felix in crate, will be home by 2.
Felix is sleeping on a dog bed next to Scout in our bedroom, with no issues.
Felix does love to snuggle and carry around a ball. As soon as he is out of the woods with the heart worm, I'm betting he'll enjoy chasing the ball.
Felix sits and stays at the door, waiting for the leash to be put on. No bolting behaviors or hints of bolting behaviors. Felix will also sit when given the sit command. We haven't tried any other commands yet.
Felix is GREAT with kids. I had some kids over on Sunday and Felix was incredible.
Update 4/2/17: Felix is a genius. When we're hanging outside with Felix on a long lead, Felix can get himself untangled 80% of the time! Felix has the "sit" command down, is learning "stay", and is learning "not for dogs" ( my command for letting him know what he cannot chew). When I am ready to go to work, Felix runs into his crate, sits, and gets ready for his treat. I mean really, a genius. He has tons of favorite toys and is equal parts playful and snuggly. He gets along with other dogs, but barks at people when they come to the house.

Posted: 2/6/2017 and updated 4/02/17