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Name:   Apache  
Description:   ~ 8 months old ~ 19 lbs ~ fostered in Prince Frederick, MD ~

Apache is exactly what one would expect in an 8-month old beagle -- active, sweet, and devoted to his people. Apache has lived with children (age unknown), is playful with them and loves to snuggle after playing. Initially a little cautious around other dogs until he gains a little confidence, he has enjoyed playing with a retriever mix in his foster home.

Crate-trained, he is very happy in his crate and even seeks it out when he wants his own space. We’re not at all surprised to hear that he howls and barks when on a scent and even pulls a little when he finds something interesting. He’s transitioned to a harness which helps with the pulling.

Apache’s adopters should expect to provide Apache with an appropriate amount of exercise – he is still a puppy. He is accustomed to a daily walk and about an hour-long session running and playing outside the resident children. On weekends and other times when he can be supervised, he has access to the fenced yard via a dog door. Apache has learned common commands including sit, off, down, leave it, come, and stay.
posted 01/31/17