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Name:   Miley Harford  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs old ~ 30 lbs ~ Fostered in Stafford, VA ~

As Miley has grown comfortable with us over the past couple of weeks, she has shown us her sweet and assertive personality. She is wonderful with our small children and loves to be around them. She’s very social and interactive with us and greets us with a wagging tail when we come in a room or come home. She loves to sleep with us in our bed at night or on the couch with our golden retriever. She gets along well with our golden and as they have grown used to each other, they’ve become very playful. The only time she is vocal is when she and our golden are wrestling around or when there is food. She LOVES food!

One of my only complaints about her is she does steal food out of our kids’ hands. At times, we have to put her outside while the kids are eating. This may explain her plumpness, as she could stand to lose a few pounds. I would like to stress, that she is NOT aggressive about it at all. My kids have taken bones and toys out of her mouth and she has never nipped at them, EVER.

She is potty trained and has not had an accident in the house. She loves to chew on bones and play with toys. I few times I have caught her trying to chew on some of the kids’ toys, but she has not been destructive while alone in the house.

She loves to be pet and cuddled. At times if you stop petting her she will howl at you to continue, which is cute, except when the kids are sleeping. LOL! She has become much better about not darting out the front door when we come and go. She does pull quite a bit on her leash. Overall, Miley is very sweet and loves being around our family.

posted 01/17/17 and updated 02/21/17