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Name:   Hank Harford  
Description:   ~ 27 lb ~ 10 yrs old ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

Hank, Hankypants, Hankster, Hankypanky is a really nice boy who answers to many names but has only one personality, and it’s delightful! Super easy going, Hank isn’t an “in-your-face” kinda dog; he won’t seek out people for attention, but he really enjoys a good belly rub, ear scratch, and affection in general.

Like a good beagle, he lives for tasty vittles and gets awfully excited at the prospect of treats and at mealtimes! He was even called Hank-the-Tank in the shelter but is working on slimming down. With limited exercise options for the short term (he’s awaiting surgery for an overgrown toenail; it’s pretty painful), he still loves to amble through the yard while taking in the good smells. His foster mom expects him to be pretty easy on the leash once he’s ready for regular walks.

At 10 years old, Hank is considered a senior, but one of his most endearing qualities is his love for toys. He has removed every single item from the toy basket and rearranges them daily, loves to walk around with one squeaking in his mouth, and always sleeps with one. Speaking of age-related behavior, Hank is a gold-medal napper and very low energy! He seems content with the dog beds in his foster home, and if invited, he’d likely enjoy a spot on the sofa next to you but never tries to get on the furniture.

Hank shares his foster home with five other beagles and has had only positive interactions with them. He doesn’t seem to need the company of other dogs, so we expect he’d be fine as an only dog.

Hank is perfect if you’re seeking a low-key companion who deserves to be pampered for the best years of his life. His story before rescue is a little sad—as a stray, he was a repeat customer at the shelter and had always been reclaimed by the same owner, but this last time she said that she didn’t want him anymore; truthfully, it’s probably the best thing that ever happened to him. Hank has a heart murmur but is definitely on the road to improved health, and he finally has the chance at his very own truly forever home! Is it yours?
Check out Hank's Facebook page for updates on his progress and photos of his foster companions posted 12/21/16 and updated 01/08/16