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Name:   Ginger Hughes  
Description:   ~ 26 lb ~ 10 yrs old ~ Fostered in Bowie, MD ~

Poor Ginger was neglected her whole life. She had a huge mass protruding from her abdomen and the surgeon discovered it had been there her whole life. He got most of the mass and it was not cancerous, and he believes is what is left will shrink in time. To add insult to injury, when we got her from the shelter, all her hair had little balls of black tar stuck to it. She needed to be shaved in some areas to get the tar off. She had every right to be miserable, but she's happy girl. At the age of 10, she discovered plush squeaky toys and she loves 'em. She also loves people and soaks up attention. She's only barked when she's been startled - not the kind of girl who talks just to hear her own voice. And Ginger's a good sport - wearing the silly bear headdress.
posted 01/03/17 and updated 06/18/17