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Name:   Rica  
Description:   ~ 9 yrs old ~ 26 lb ~ fostered in Falls Church, VA

Rescued by a Good Samaritan from the streets of Puerto Rico, Rica the happy-go-lucky, 9-year old beagle mix is seeking her happy forever home. Her ears are a little ravaged from neglected ear infections. Here is what her foster mom says about her:
Rica is SUCH an easy dog.
- Not a barker, so she would be fine in an apartment. She will do a low little howl when she's excited to see me and I haven't pet her yet.
- Likes to sunbathe inside and out.
- Easy leash walker (does not pull AT ALL), and so she would be great for an older couple.
- Minds her manners around people food (we have a toddler and 9 month old and she does not even bother them while they eat, meanwhile our other dogs are frothing at the mouth as they wait for a morsel to drop).
- Easy in the bath (doesn't even try to jump out).
- Potty trained (she has had some accidents in the beginning but now we have a routine and she lets me know).
- Crate trained and currently stays in the crate when we're gone. She'll go right in for a kong and just sleeps. She doesn't bark or tear things up.
- Good with kids (though a toddler would probably not be the best as she doesn't like when the baby grabs her tail, though she'll give her a little growl and walk away).
- Not food aggressive.
- Good with other dogs. She'll need to meet them and she may stiffen up a bit but she was good at 2 different fosters houses over Christmas and easily meets new dogs at adoption events.
- She will sleep in a dog bed and not get on furniture if that's what you want, but she does LOVE to cuddle.
- She doesn't try to get out of the backyard and will stay right by your side. We went to a big open area wooded off-leash park and she stuck to me like glue.
So that's Rica for you. She is such a sweet and happy little girl and she deserves a good home. She is about 9 years old.
posted 12/21/16 and updated 02/15/17