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Name:   Ceelie Stafford (now Keelie)  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 35 lb ~ fostered in Columbia, MD ~

My name is Ceelie and I’m the beagle you didn’t know you needed in your life! If you’re looking for a dog to keep you company with the sweetest disposition you could ask for and a love of all things culinary, I’m your dog. I guess you could call me a foodie. Foodie means I’m fascinated by all things edible, right? Oh, and I also love longs walks with my people followed by a luxurious napping session in the dog bed of your choice. While I guess you wouldn’t call me a “cuddler” I do love a good petting and I’m only too happy to give you all the adoring looks you could possibly need. I’m not terribly fascinated with furniture, just give me a dog bed and I’m happy! I also do well with small children and love it when they forget that their dinner is for eating and not for throwing on the floor! So that’s me, Ceelie! If you could find it in your heart to give me a forever home I can say, without a doubt, I will shower you with all the affection my dear little heart has to offer. I look forward to meeting you!
Love, Ceelie

Ceelie is a calm beagle girl who rarely barks. She can be a little skittish of new situations and would probably enjoy having another dog to show her the ropes. She shows no interest in getting on furniture of any kind, preferring to rest in a dog bed. She has not been tested with cats, but greets all dogs and people in her path with enthusiasm and has done well with the small children she has been introduced to. Ceelie is crate trained and does well walking on a leash but would probably enjoy a backyard as well.

posted 10/13/16 and updated 3/08/17