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Name:   Sammy Caroline  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs old ~ 35 lb ~ NEEDS A FOSTER HOME ~

Much slimmed down from his initial weighing, he is now only 35 lb.

If you are seeking the companionship of a loyal, gentle, loving dog, Sammy is just the one for you!

Sammy bonds quickly with people and longs to share life with them. He is happy to sit and cuddle or to be within eyesight or to go for a walk and explore the world. He is fine when left behind and will welcome you home with much excitement and happiness.

At 7 years, Sammy is trained to potty outdoors and is very mannerly indoors. He does rest in his bed or crate, but also likes the couch or a chair, and at night sleeps in bed with anyone who is available. Sammy's weight is perfect as he runs about the yard and loves to get in his harness for a walk. He is interested when food is about but never begs nor attempts to get food that is not his. Sammy is very vocal if he sees people or dogs out the window, and sometimes on his walks if other dogs are about. He is gentle around children who are also being trained to respect him. Sammy is a healthy, easily pleased pup who will give back all the love given to him.
posted 09/10/16 and updated 03/18/17