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Name:   Edward Harford  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ 30 lb ~ fostered in Reston, VA ~ a.k.a. Eddie the Magnificent

Eddie is a Beagle that came into our foster care in September 2016. We guess he is about 5 years old and is a neutered male. Eddie is super friendly and just an all around great dog who will wiggle his way into your heart quickly. He is quite playful with a lot of energy but also can curl up next to you and enjoy some quiet time. He loves to play with other dogs and humans. Eddie is not an alpha but will defer to other dogs if they wish to be the alpha in the pack (we saw this with our female Walker who makes sure to let all new dogs know who is in charge of our house!).

Eddie will likely potty train quickly in a new home if he is let outside to do his business regularly. Eddie does great in a crate and loves to sleep soundly through the night. Eddie loves to be pet and have human attention. He would do great as an only dog or in a multi-dog household. Eddie is smart and interested in his surroundings. Typical of his breed, he is an escape artist so care should be taken while walking him and letting him play in a properly fenced in back yard. With such a terrific and well adjusted personality (not to mention his extreme good looks), we are sure that Eddie won’t be in our foster care for long!

posted 8/12/16 and updated 10/12/16