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Name:   Ethel Daviess  
Description:   ~ 5 - 8 yrs old ~ 20 lb ~ fostered in Chevy Chase, MD ~

Ethel is very sweet girl who is still shy but is coming out of her shell. She has definitely known hardship and uncertainty. The only thing we definitively know about Ethel's past is that she was picked up as a stray, but the rest we have to guess. Her fur is very soft. She had heartworm disease and is finishing up her second round of treatment. She is great with other dogs and the children she has met us far. She is now living as an only dog and is learning to walk on a leash and house manners, though she enjoyed the company of other dogs in a previous foster home. She has proven to be a quick learner and is only crated on occasion, which she takes in stride. She appears quite adaptable and is not fussy or demanding.

posted 8/7/16 and updated 10/22/16