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Name:   Daisy Mae Hughes  
Description:   ~ 10 yrs old ~ 23 lbs ~ fostered in University Park, MD ~ Daisy is a sweet older girl, who was surrendered to the shelter because her owners were losing their home. Her previous owners had all good things to say about her. They said that she is housebroken, good with children, and good with other animals. Daisy is an honorary beagle, possibly some sort of terrier mix. She was down to the wire at the shelter - her last day - and we just couldn't leave her. Here are some notes from her foster mom:

Daisy stands at the front door to remind me it is time for a walk. Walks are not "vigorous" as every leaf and twig is interesting and, furthermore, she is a social butterfly --- has to stop and chat with every dog along the route that is also being walked. This is a very doggy neighborhood and we have a wooded park where everybody walks their dog.

Remarkably housebroken, from the first day she came here.
Not barky, I've only heard her bark once, and that was at a big dog in a store.
A fast learner --- only had to be told once to get off the sofa and she never got on again.
Calm and quiet in the house.
An eager eater - wolfs down her food. Then stands next to the cat, who's a slow eater, in hopes cat will leave some crumbs.
Career goal is to be a lapdog, but her size makes this a poor choice.

posted 07/02/16 and updated 8/11/16