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Name:   Capone Hughes  
Description:   ~ 9 yrs old ~ 46 lbs ~fostered in King George, VA ~

He's only been in a foster home for 36 hrs, but here is what his foster mom had to say.
Capone is doing very well. He seems to be a good house dog and already knows where to go when he has to go out. He also did fine all night in the crate in the bedroom with us. During the day he likes to lay on the floor by my feet. We will see how he does tomorrow when it is a work day.

We have been on a few walks and he walks good on a leash, especially with a no pull harness. He hasn't bothered the cat or gotten into anything he shouldn't. So it's all good news so far.

Capone update: Capone wanted to share his Halloween pic and let you know he is down to 44 pounds so far! He loves hiking and managed a 5 mile hike last weekend. He is looking forward to attending the upcoming adoption events in Waldorf and Stafford, VA

Now he's down to a svelte 41 lb and he's lookin' good. Check out his picture at our last adoption event. He knows "sit", "stay" and a few more commands. Such a nice boy.

posted 9/24/15 and updated 05/23/16