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Name:   Luna Henderson  
Description:   ~ 8 - 10 yrs old ~ 20 lbs ~ fostered in Tall Timbers, MD ~

Luna is a pretty little senior girl, all dressed up in different shades of white and brown. She's friendly with people and dogs and ignores cats. We haven't seen her with small children, but doubt that there would be any problems.

She's working on basic obedience, housebreaking and crate training. She’s just now learning basic cues like sit, but she already walks nicely on leash. (She does want to poke along very slowly and sniff at everything---just like you’d expect a senior beagle to do.) Luna can last about 5 hours in crate with no accidents, but she's not happy about it. She will bark and whine until you leave. Other than that, she's rather quiet. She isn't bothered by loud noises and is generally a sweet and inquisitive little girl. She seems in good health, but could use joint supplements for her hips.

posted 3/1/15 and updated 3/10/15