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Name:   Queen Baltimore  
Description:   ~ 29 lb ~ 6 yrs ~

Beanie, a.k.a., Queen Baltimore is a beautiful, sweet, playful, gentle, loving, affectionate, and goofy girl who has made amazing progress since her rescue in June 2014. Among other things, Beanie LOVES being outside in the fenced yard just sniffing around, playing with the resident beagles, running zoomies, and the tasty treats that her mom doles out from the vegetable garden, especially fresh green beans! She craves affection and quickly warms up to strangers, especially if they sit on the floor and pet her a lot.

Beanie is good in the crate and in the car and walks on the leash pretty well when accompanied by another dog; she’s made excellent progress on housetraining; and she’s learning some basic commands (e.g., sit, come, crate). As is the case with shy dogs, Beanie should initially be closely supervised while outside, especially in a new environment and even in a securely fenced yard.

We don’t know much about her past, but she was very fearful when first rescued and still retreats to her favorite chair when things change around the house. For example, Beanie routinely gives her foster mom the stink eye when the floor is cluttered with things that don’t normally belong there – grocery bags, step stools, and laundry baskets. Helps keep a tidy house! :-)

Beanie’s ideal home would be fairly calm and have patient people committed to helping build her confidence; lots of love and affection; another confident, friendly, and playful dog; and a securely fenced yard. She’s been very gentle with children of all ages at adoption events, but would probably do best in a home with older children.

Because adoption events remain a little overwhelming for Beanie, her personality and best qualities shine through in more comfortable environments. Approved adopters are invited – and encouraged – to meet Beanie at her foster home.

Check out Beanie's Facebook page for some videos, updates on her progress, and more photos!

Posted 6/26/14.