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Name:   Rosebud (formerly Mercedes Hughes)  
Description:   ~ 5 yrs old ~ < 20 lbs ~

Rosebud, who was adopted along with Sally in 2014 has been living the life of a beloved companion for 3 1/2 years. Unfortunately, there has been a sad change of circumstances and both girls are now looking for a new home. Because they are so bonded, we would love to keep them together - we suspect that Sally may be Rosebud's mother. Both are tiny (under 20 lbs) and beautiful red and white beagles. When relaxed and comfortable, Rosebud has the unbridled joy of a puppy, but she has her anxious moments and we feel that keeping Sally and Rosebud together may alleviate some of that. They have suffered a terrible loss and we would really like it if they had one another for support. If we must separate them, a quiet home would be best. Gentle children would be fine, but active and boisterous children would probably scare the heck out of her. She gets on well with other dogs. Her current environment boasts 6 of them, but she might benefit from the individual attention that fewer "siblings" would bring. All in all, Rosebud is a sweet, loving beagle who has lived in a loving home and has the house manners to prove it. If you are interested in adopting one or both (Hey, they're little! They don't take up much space!), please contact

Posted: 7/21/17