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Name:   Sally (formerly Naomi Hughes)  
Description:   ~ 7 yrs old ~ <20 lbs ~

Sally and Rosebud were adopted from BRSM in 2014. They have been in a loving home since that time. Unfortunately, there has been a sad change in family circumstances and we must now find them another home. Sally and Rosebud are deeply bonded (It's possible she is Rosebud's mother.) and we'd prefer to keep them together, but Sally would be ok on her own. They've already suffered a terrible loss. If they must be separated, Sally would do best in a quieter environment with mature humans. She is a very sweet red and white beagle who is content to stay in the house snuggled in a warm spot. She is a bit anxious around a lot of noise. Sally gets on well with her fellow beagles, but exhibits a little bit of a preference for males. She does like to go on walks and she is good in a car. As mentioned, Sally has been living the life of a pampered housepet for 3 1/2 years and she knows how to behave indoors and is, in general, great company. If you are interested in adopting Sally (and her baby, Rosebud), please contact

Posted: 7/21/17