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Name:   Sally Mae (formerly Naomi Hughes)  
Description:   ~ 8 yrs old ~ 16 lbs ~

Sally Mae was adopted from BRSM in 2014. She has been in the same loving home since that time. Unfortunately, there has been a sad change in her family circumstances and we must now find her another home.

Sallie Mae is a petite and pretty red beagle, with an emphasis on "petite." She is a sweet girl that is very content to find a warm, comfortable spot in the house and curl up. She prefers to be near her human and will tend to follow you through the house as you take care of business. She doesn't want to miss anything. She has been in a home that had up to 7 beagles, so is tolerant of others though she seems to prefer males. Despite her being around other dogs, she would do well as a single dog with a person or couple that spend much time at home. Sally likes to ride in the car and loves going for walks. She's a low-key kind of girl who likes the quiet life. Her years of indoor living have made her an excellent companion dog with admirable house manners.

If you are interested in adopting Sally, please contact

Updated: 1/7/19