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Name:   Kyle Pitt  
Description:   ~ 10 yrs old ~ 25 lbs ~ temporarily fostered in Gaithersburg ~

Kyle is an amazing boy! His foster mom simply can’t find the words to convey what a great dog he is. Sweetness, cuddling, easy going, house manners—he has all the qualities people love about a beagle. He’s not even too interested in the trash; however, his ability to squeeze between a firmly planted leg, door frame, and closing door is formidable.

This is Kyle’s second stint as a BRSM foster because his original adopters—with their posse of young boys who had a knack for leaving doors and gates open—just couldn’t keep him contained. His foster mom says Kyle's desire to wander is his only flaw. He is an otherwise well-adjusted boy who loves to snuggle with his people, sleep on the bed, play with other dogs, and generally follow the house rules. After brief introductions, Kyle quickly learned how to blend into his little pack of resident beagles.

Because Kyle has experienced two very different households, his foster mom has a clear vision of the home that would work best for him. There must be at least one other dog; he’s only been a friend to all, and more importantly, the presence of other dogs seems to redirect his desire to wander.

Kyle is crate-trained; doesn’t even seem to mind the crate; and with a treat, is easily persuaded to go into the crate. While free-range privileges remain untested when no one is home, his foster mom is confident he has the potential to do well when uncrated. He needs a home with a securely fenced yard—he doesn’t need to potty a lot, but he does like to leisurely take care of ‘business’. He’s a dream in the car, and for a beagle, doesn’t pull too much while on walks.

For updates about Kyle, check out the Facebook page he shares with his foster companions: Facebook page for some videos, updates on her progress, and more photos
posted 08/07/19 and update 10/03/19