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Name:   Lulu Hawkins (formerly Victoria))  
Description:   ~ 25 lbs ~ 12 yrs old ~ fostered in Gaithersburg, MD ~

Lulu is a sweet, spunky, senior girl with a can-do attitude! A little more food-motivated than your average beagle, she scoffs at her short little legs, the few extra pounds that she carries, and an arthritic limp when there’s a tasty beverage on the coffee table. A seasoned BRSM volunteer, Lulu’s foster mom remembers not to leave food within beagle reach, but she can’t seem to remember to take her drinks when she leaves the room; Lulu especially LOVES to stick her snout in the coffee!

Lulu gets along nicely with the other fosters and resident beagles. She’s really just a pleasure to have around. Quick jaunts outside to do her business is all she really wants – she much prefers the indoor comfort that a lady of her stature deserves. She does love to hang out in the yard if her people are there too. Lulu loves to curl up on the sofa and snooze the afternoon away, but if she thinks you’ve been in another part of the house for too long, she’ll surely find you and curl up at your feet.

In Lulu’s world, it’s incomprehensible that she’s not allowed on the bed, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to convince her foster mom EVERY DAY that there really *should* be a spot with Lulu’s name on it. Lulu is an easy girl – she just wants love, a comfy spot to nap, and good vittles!

For some videos, updates, and more photos, check out the Facebook page that Lulu share's with her foster companions!

posted 9/25/15 and updated 3/15/16